World Scripture: A Group Exploration

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Everyone who is interested is welcome to join us for a comparative, synoptic, and appreciative group study of nine scriptural traditions that investigate five significant historic themes:

– God or Ultimate Reality

– The Founder’s Station

– Universality or Justice Principles

– Racial and Gender Relations

– Humanity’s Future and Destiny

These sessions are led each month over Zoom by Community Interfaith Educator, Harold Rosen, and are open to all, both members and non-members alike.

The schedule is:

– Session 1 – Introductory Overview – Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 from 7-8:30pm PDT

– Session 2 – Hindu Scripture – Wed, Sept 9th from 7-8:30pm PDT

= Session 3 – Buddhist Scripture – Wed, Oct 14th from 7-8:30pm PDT

– Session 4 – Zoroastrian Scripture – Wed, Nov 11th from 7-8:30pm PST

– Session 5 – Chinese Scripture – Wed, Dec 9th from 7-8:30pm PST

– Session 6 – Jewish Scripture – Wed, Jan 13th, 2021 from 7-8:30pm PST

– Session 7 – Christian Scripture – Wed, Feb 10th from 7-8:30pm PST

– Session 8 – Islamic Scripture – Wed, Mar 10th from 7-8:30pm PST

– Session 9 – Sikh Scripture – Wed, Apr 14th from 7-8:30pm PDT

– Session 10 – Baha’i Scripture – Wed, May 12th from 7-8:30pm PDT

– Session 11 – Concluding Review – Wed, June 9th from 7-8:30pm PDT

To cover operation costs, the price is $100 for the entire series or $12 / session. Participants are welcome to join for one, a few, or all of the sessions – whichever sparks their interest and works for them.

For more information or to register for all or any of these sessions, please email us at