Women Mystics Series

Path with Qur'an QuoteAnyone who is interested is welcome to join us for our upcoming series, “Women Mystics Throughout the Ages.”

We explore the lives, insights, and deeds of 10 outstanding women of history. Their spiritual radiance, intellectual brilliance, and moral courage overcame the barriers of their patriarchal cultures. They were provocative and influential reformers who could not be ignored or overlooked.  Two were martyred, each wrote and spoke with power and eloquence, and in due course, all were officially or unofficially beatified. They shared a mystical, visionary and futuristic bent, but also had significant social impact in their own turbulent times. Their lives span over 2500 years, and range from the West to the Middle East to India  We will discuss their relevance to current religious, social, and spiritual issues.  An informal lecture-discussion format will be used. 

These sessions will be led each month over Zoom by Community Interfaith Educator, Harold Rosen, and are open to all, both members and non-members alike.

The schedule is:

Session 1 – Introduction and Srimala, Indian Buddhist queen (c 500 BCE). You can watch the recording here.

Session 2 – Hypatia, Alexandrian Greek philosopher-scientist and martyr (c 400 CE). You can watch the recording here.

Session 3 – Rabia, Iraqi Islamic Sufi poet-teacher-counselor (c 750). You can watch the recording here.

Session 4 – Hildegard of Bingen, German Christian abbess-theologian (c 1150). You can watch the recording here.

Session 5 – Julian of Norwich, English Christian anchoress-writer (c 1400). You can watch the recording here.

Session 6 – Mirabai of Rajasthan, Indian Hindu poet-reformer (c 1530). You can watch the recording here.

Session 7 – Teresa of Avila, Spanish Christian monastic reformer (c 1560). You can watch the recording here.

Session 8 – Tahirih of Persia, Perisan Baha’i visionary-martyr (c 1850). You can watch the recording here.

Session 9 – Mirra Alfassa of Pondicherry, Indian visionary ashram-founder (c 1930). You can watch the recording here.

Session 10 – Review and Barbara Marx Hubbard, American futurist-visionary (c 1980). You can watch the recording here.

A donation of $100 for the series or $12 per session is recommended; however, all are welcome, regardless of payment.

Participants are invited to join for one, a few, or all of the sessions – whichever sparks their interest and works for them.

The scheduling of our events is always taken seriously, and we strive to offer gatherings at times that will be convenient and beneficial to as many people as possible. However, we are not always able to schedule around all tradition’s holidays and celebrations, as there are so many. For this reason, we will be recording all these sessions so folks can watch whichever ones they are unable to attend.  Thank you, in advance, for understanding.

For more information or to register for all or any of these sessions, please email us at livinginterfaithsanctuary@gmail.com.