Who We Are

Cathy Merchant, Interfaith Leader

Cathy PicCathy Merchant is the Interfaith Leader of the Living Interfaith Sanctuary in Vancouver, BC. She studied with Rev. Steven Greenebaum and worked as the Associate Minister of the Living Interfaith Church for three years before moving to Canada in 2017 with her family.

Cathy is a Mahayanan Buddhist who is married to an Ismaili Muslim and who has dedicated her life to “living Interfaith.” Prior to studying with Steven, Cathy specialized in conflict resolution pertaining to the Israel / Palestine conflict. She worked for the Compassionate Listening Project, the American Friends of the Parents Circle Families Forum, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

In 2013, Cathy received her Master’s degree in Middle East Studies from the University of Washington. She is currently studying at the Vancouver School of Theology, where she hopes to complete her Master’s of Divinity degree by 2021.

She is also a certified Compassionate Listening Facilitator.

Dr. Eloecea, Interfaith Consultant

E grad 2019

Eloecea, Ph.D., was a retired psychologist before being guided to the Vancouver School of Theology where they graduated with a Master of Arts in Indigenous and Inter-Religious Studies in 2019.

Dr. Eloecea was born into a conservative Christian tradition which, they realized, did not serve them well. They explored feminist, liberation and queer theologies of the sacred texts and still felt there was more to the story. Studying with a New Age group, Eloecea was introduced to a universal or cosmic understanding of who we are and why we are here. Today their focus is on opening to Unity Consciousness and assisting others to allow Joy to flow in their lives as we seek harmony with all of creation. Their website, OurJourneyIntoJoy, offers an integration of psychology and spirituality in a way that affirms and respects all spiritual paths as we journey together.

Eloecea received a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA, USA, in 1988.  In addition to private practice, Dr. Eloecea founded and served as Executive Director of Counseling4Kids, Inc., a non-profit mental health agency for foster children and their families in Los Angeles County.

Rev. Steven Greenebaum, Founder of the Living Interfaith Model

Steven PicSteven Greenebaum is the Founder of the Living Interfaith model and the Head Minister of the Living Interfaith Church in Lynnwood, WA (our sister congregation). He describes himself in this way: “My faith is Interfaith. My spiritual path is Judaism. My tribe is Humanity. I’m also a minister, choir director, and vegetarian.”

Steven was formally an Associate Minister at the Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Seattle, WA, where he served from 2007-2010. He has an abiding interest in and passion for Interfaith. Steven’s book, The Interfaith Alternative, was published in April 2012. His second book, Practical Interfaith, was published in October 2014. At present, both are available in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Steven’s latest book, One Family: Indivisible…A Spiritual Memoir, will be released October 2019.

Steven holds Master’s degrees in Theology, Mythology, and Music. He was the Director of Music at the Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Marysville, WA for ten years. He has also been deeply interested in environmental and social justice issues all his life and spent three years as the Executive Director of Citizens for Environmental Responsibility.


Our Sanctuary Council:

President – DoraLi Harrison

Vice President – Louise Mangan

Secretary – Peter Sanders

Treasurer – Brynn Craffey

Member at Large – Markus Radtke

Member at Large – Jennifer Sharlow

You can read our Council meeting minutes here.

Our Interfaith Advisory Council:

Indigenous Spirituality Adviser – Mary Fontaine (Hummingbird Ministries)

Business Adviser – Siddika Jessa

Muslim Spirituality Adviser – Sheikh Nasir Zaidi

Muslim/Non-Muslim Cooperation Adviser – Steve Slocum (Salaam, USA)