Service Schedule


Nothing is set in stone, and this calendar is subject to change.



September 7 – Celebration of Living Interfaith Sanctuary – 1 year Anniversary

September 21 – In Harmony with the Tao, with Francis Pring-Mill

October 5 – Honoring the Jewish High Holy Days with Rabbi Susan Shamash

October 19 – The Birth of the Guru Granath Sahib with Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning

November 2 and 3 – Introductory Compassionate Listening Training with Susan Partnow and Cathy Merchant

November 16 – Creating the Sanctuary Together – Building Interfaith Relationships with Cathy Merchant

November 30 – Remembering The Souls We Lost on World AIDS Day with Brynn Craffey

December 14 – Celebrating Christ’s Birth with Rev. Peter Sanders

December 28 – Bodhi Day and the Path to Enlightenment with Michael Newton, Zen priest



January 11 – Makar Sankranti and the Return of the Sun

January 25 – World Religion Day with Bijan Adlparvar

February 8 – The History of Vancouver: An Indigenous and Intercultural Story with Lauren Sanders

February 22 – Honoring Losar: The Tibetan New Year with Daniel Francis, Lisa Kaminsky, and Robert Chesterman

March 7 – The Joy of Holi with Nirmalya Das

In light of physical distancing now in effect, we will hold our services virtually via Zoom until further notice. You can connect with us and receive our bi-weekly email newsletter which gives additional information here.  All are welcome!

March 21 – Global Renewal and the Spring Equinox with Cathy Merchant (Zoom recording of service here)

April 4 – Our Annual Passover Seder

April 18 – Easter: A Time of Renewal with Jean and Steven Ward

May 2 – Maidyozarem Gahanbar: The Zoroastrian Spring Festival with Firdosh Mehta

May 16 – Ascension Day: Then and Now with Dr. Eloecea

May 30 – Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr

June 13 – Remembering Guru Arjan

June 27 – National Indigenous Peoples Day

July 11 – The Life and Death of the Báb

July 25 – Hajj: A Time of Pilgrimage

Do you have a festival that you really want to celebrate or something from your own tradition that you would like to share with the rest of us? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please tell us more about it at