2021 Services


Services in 2021:

January 9 – The Birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Sikh) with Baltej Dhillon

January 23 – World Religion Day (Baha’i) with Harold Rosen

February 6 – Aboriginal Storytelling Month (Indigenous) with Tony Snow

February 20 – World Day of Social Justice: A Uyghur Testimony (All) with Halchigul Pattar

March 6 – International Women’s Day (All) with Carolyn Rogers

March 20 – The Spring Festival (Shinto) with Olivia Bernkastel and Sam Horvath

April 3 – The Resurrection of Jesus (Christian) with Brynn Craffey

April 17 – The Life of Lord Rama (Hindu) with BK Harsha Palli

May 1 – The Twelfth Day of Ridvan (Baha’i) with Connie Waterman

May 15 – The Revelation of the Torah (Jewish) with Rev. Steven Greenebaum

June 5 – Honouring Our Lost Indigenous Children and World Environment Day (Indigenous / Humanist) with Steve Crawford

June 19 – Celebrating the Summer Solstice (Wiccan) with Archpriestess Mary Malinski

July 3 – Indigenous Self Determination in the Anglican Church of Canada (Indigenous) with Sheila Cook

July 17 – The Holiness of Eid al-Adha (Muslim) with Sameer Merchant

August 7 – Interfaith Perspectives on Forgiveness (All) with Cathy Merchant

August 21 – Honouring the Bodhisattva Jizo (Buddhist) with Myoshin Kate McCandless

September 4 – Celebrating Three Years as a Community (All)

September 18 – Honouring the High Holy Days (Jewish) with Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan

October 2 – Celebrating National Coming Out Day (All) with Lynda and Tori Dickson

October 16 – The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (Muslim) with El-Farouk Khaki

November 6 – Día de los Muertos (Indigenous) with Cynthia Robles

November 20 – The Birth of Guru Nanak (Sikh) with Tahil Sharma

December 4 – Finding Hope in the Buddha (Buddhist) with Cathy Merchant

December 18 – Christmas in Palestine (Christian) with Shadia Qubti