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We have begun filming the sermons given at our Interfaith services.

This sermon was given by our Interfaith Leader, Cathy Merchant, during our November 16, 2019 service. In it, she discusses the fears and habits that keep us from reaching out to people from different spiritual paths and how we can work through these to develop more Interfaith relationships.

Here is the talk given by Sikh World Organization director and activist, Sukhvinder Vinning, at our October 19, 2019 service on the birth of the Guru Granath Sahib sacred text:

Here is our first sermon given by our Interfaith Leader, Cathy Merchant, on February 4th, 2018 at Trinity-Grace United Church:

‘Can You Teach Us Those Prayers?’

You may have noticed when I came in that I did the three prostrations that Tibetan Buddhists do when they enter a holy sanctuary. This is done both to humble oneself and to express reverence for the place one has entered; you not only lie flat on the ground at the entrance, but you lift your hands up to raise up the wisdom that emanates from such a place. I think this is a beautiful tradition, and I have been doing it in one form or another since 2005. Read more.