Sanctuary Council Minutes 2020

Annual Sanctuary Community Meeting

June 13, 2020
Call to order at 11:34am
Present: Council member: DoraLi, Markus, Brynn
Regrets: Council member: Louise, Peter
Community Members present: Cathy, Eloecea, Cliff, Sonya, Jennifer, Caroline

1. President’s Report (see attached)
Overview of council/organization activities since the first Council meeting in March 2019
2. Interfaith Leader’s Report
3. Treasurer’s Report
Vote to accept Treasurer’s Report: motion by Brynn, 2nd by Markus, Unanimous approval
4. Interfaith Consultant’s Report (see attached)
5. Special Resolution to Change By-Laws
Vote to pass all changes as recommended: motion by Brynn, 2nd by Markus, unanimous approval
6. Council Nominations:
Call for nominations for new Council members, followed by vote
Jennifer Sharlow nominated by Brynn
Cathy Merchant nominated by Eloecea
**Council nominations were motioned by Brynn, 2nd by Markus, unanimous approval
7. Call for nominations for Sanctuary Officers, followed by vote
President: DoraLi; VP: Louise; Treasurer: Brynn; Secretary: Peter;Council Members at Large: Markus, Cathy, Jennifer ** Officers nomination put forth by Cathy, 2nd by Brynn, unanimous approval
Recommendation to move the following agenda items to a council meeting (not necessary for ASCM business). Motion by Cathy, 2nd Brynn, unanimous approval
Other Business: Membership, Fundraising, Business Model (Hub with Spokes)
Adjourn at 12:40pm motion by Cathy, 2nd Brynn, Adjourned

Feb 22nd, 2020 Minutes:

1. Call to order at 11:55am.
Attendance: DoraLi Harrison, President; Rev. Peter Sanders; Markus Radtke
Regrets: Brynn Craffey, Louise Mangan
2. Agenda: motion by Markus, adopted by consensus.
3. Discussion followed by Peter moving to authorize opening a business checking
account at Vancity. Motion Adopted by Consensus.
4. Meeting Adjourned at 12:25pm for Council training.