Compassionate Listening Trainings

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Our next Compassionate Listening training will take place on Saturday, October 3 from 1-4pm and the following Saturday, October 10 from 1-4pm, all on Zoom. Participants may attend just the first three-hour training or both trainings. (The second will pick up right where the first one left off and will include more advanced CL techniques.)

The cost for these will be $50 for just the first day or $100 for both days.

As with all our Compassionate Listening trainings, all money raised goes to support the work of the Living Interfaith Sanctuary.

To register, please go to

Or email, if you have any questions or need assistance signing up!

Compassionate Listening is a conflict resolution method that has been used in families, businesses, communities, and in international peace-building initiatives since 1990 to help bring people back together.

Listening is one of the most precious gifts we can give another human being. The practice of Compassionate Listening builds trust, connection, understanding, respectful dialogue, and sustainable solutions. It is ideal for anyone involved in conflict transformation and peace-building in a professional or personal context, and for those who are passionate about building bridges and healing relationships in our world.

Compassionate Listening is based on the practices of:

1. Cultivating compassion towards ourselves and others
2. Developing the fair witness – honing our ability to step back during stressful interactions and combine cognitive awareness with the wisdom of the heart
3. Respecting the self and others
4. Listening and speaking from the heart

…as well as the opportunity to put these into practice in a safe environment.

Our Interfaith Leader, Cathy Merchant, is a certified Compassionate Listening faciltiator who offers trainings both online via Zoom and in person in the Greater Vancouver area.

Training Types and Costs:

These trainings may be one-hour ($20 per person), half-day ($50), full-day ($100), or two-day workshops ($150), depending on the needs of the participants.

Companies and organizations can also hire Cathy to teach any of these trainings to their staff, members, or congregants. The cost will depend on the type of organization (with charities and non-profits receiving a discount) and number of participants.

The minimum number of participants needed for a training is nine and the maximum number is 50.

Please contact us at, if you have further questions or would like to attend or request a training!