2022 Services

Services in 2022:

January 1 – Grounding Ourselves in the New Year (Interfaith) with Cathy Merchant

January 15 – Celebrating World Religion Day (Baha’i) with Kamran Zamanian

February 5 – The Joy of Lunar New Year (Buddhist) with Arthur Xie

February 19 – Anti-Bullying Day and the Belovedness of All Beings (Interfaith) with Beth Hersom

March 5 –
The Great Fast (Christian) with Cornelius Swart

March 19 – Honoring Ostara: The Wiccan Spring Equinox (Wicca) with Morgana Sythove

April 2 – Celebrating Vaisakhi and the Birth of the Sikh Faith (Sikh) with Gurwinder Singh

April 16 – Our Annual Interfaith Passover Seder (Jewish)

May 7 – Truth-Telling from a Muslim Perspective (Islam) with Sofia Ali-Khan

May 21 – Ordination Ceremony for Cathy Merchant

June 4 – World Environment Day (Humanist/Unitarian) with Rev. Samaya Oakley

June 18 – National Indigenous Peoples Day (Indigenous) with Kauanoe Hoomanawanui

July 2 – Learning Resistance from the Dalai Lama (Buddhist) with Rev. Cathy Merchant

August 6 – Imam Hussain and the Spirit of Karbala (Islam) with Maulana M. Yaqoob Shahid Akhondi

August 20 – Learning from the Prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroastrian) with Firdosh Mehta

September 3 – Celebrating Our Fourth Year as an Interfaith Community with Rev. Cathy Merchant

September 17 – Honouring Our Indigenous Siblings (Indigenous) with Tracy Tobin

October 1 – The Four Principles of Taoism (Taoist) with Francis Pring-Mill

October 15 – Celebrating Diwali (Hindu) with Diksha Sharma

November 5 – Learning from Guru Nanak (Sikh) with Manbir Sajjan

November 19 – The Ascension of Abdul-Baha (Baha’i) with Susan Mottahedeh

December 3 – Finding Stillness During Advent (Christian) with Rev. Dr. Vikki Marie

December 17 – Honouring Chanukah – A Personal Reflection (Jewish) with Rev. Steven Greenebaum